Amazing Race 1: To MRSI

  Inner Wheel Club of Kuala Lumpur

25 July 2020



“Amazing Race 10 Projects” was carried over two days on Saturday and Sunday, 25 and 26 July 2020.


The Inner Wheel Club of Kuala Lumpur collaborated with Mr Alvin, a professional architect, who founded “What a Waste”, an organisation which collects surplus food from hotels, event premises and food manufacturers, and distributes to the needy at urban poor areas such as low cost flats. For all the ten projects, Mr Alvin contributed 3,000 Massimo buns, 20 cartons (3 litre each) of Lady's Choice Coleslaw dressing, 5 cartons (2.5 litre each) of Lady's Choice Caesar dressing, and 10 cartons (2kg each) of Lady's Choice orange marmalade. We also received from Mr Beh, 30 boxes of BKC Almond powder drinks, from Mdm Lyna Boon, 16 boxes of certified good quality face masks and from our President, Caylize Sabado, 15 teddy bears for a few selected homes.



The first project:  The Amazing Race to MRSI


A total of 1,260 Massimo buns were presented to the Malaysian Social Research Institute at Ampang Point, which serves refugess and asylum seekers. President Caylize Sabado accompanied by five club members, Mr Alvin and two guests arrived at the premises at 11 AM and a presentation was made to 20 children as representatives of 45 refugee families.

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