Installation of President Kavitha

  Inner Wheel Club of Apsaras

8 August 2020



Inner Wheel Club of Apsaras held the installation of President Kavitha on 8 August 2020 in a cosy cafe. The event started by President Kavitha lighting the Candle of Friendship, followed by ISO Uma Sri reciting the Candle of Friendship poem.


Charter President Kamala A. Yeap, as outgoing President, presented the prestigious Presidential collaret and installed President Kavitha. Charter President Kamala also made her annual contribution of RM1000 for club projects.


Then, President Kavitha duly introduced her Executive Committee for year 2020-2021and presented them with designation badges. After this, she  conducted the first Executive Committee meeting where she shared her visionary ideas and plans in line with IIW theme "Lead the Change".


The evening progressed, charged up with lots of chatter, laughter and camera flashes amid a scrumptious dinner of individual choices.  Before bidding farewell to the joyful evening and in starting the new term on a sweet note, a beautiful cake was served as dessert.


~ Darshini Sukumaran


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