Amazing Race ~ Season 2! First Five Project Destinations (of Ten )

  Inner Wheel Club of Kuala Lumpur

9 August 2020



The Amazing Race is back after a well received Season 1, with donations still pouring in for the needy in the community! The Amazing Race ~ Season 2, is aimed for another10 projects in total. The races have been scheduled for 9, 11, 16 and 17 August 2020 to ensure that the food reach the destinations fresh and tasty.


Starting off the race on 9 August 2020 were 5 members and 2 guests of IWC Kuala Lumpur. The food items were mostly sponsored by friends of the President and some club members . They included a variety of Berlys chocolates, braised beans, pickled vegetables, BKC nutritional drinks, baked red beans and kaya buns from Sydney Cake House, Lady’s Choice Coleslaw dressing, Lady’s Choice orange marmalade and Lady’s Choice Caesar salad dressing. In addition to food, teddy bears and boxes of face masks were also distributed.


The project recipients of 5 race destinations were:

  1. Community Excel Services/Breakthrough Drug Rehabilitation Centre (60 residents).
  2. Maha Klang Orphanage Centre (60 children).
  3. Maha Welfare Home (20 children and caretakers).
  4. Rita Children Welfare Home (98 children and caretakers).
  5. Klang Ekliptik Children’s Welfare Home (73 children).


~ Mrs Ivy Ho, Club Correspondent


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