Amazing Race ~ Season 2! Projects 7, 8 & 9

  Inner Wheel Club of Kuala Lumpur

16 August 2020



On 16 August, 2020, Sunday morning, another three projects were carried out. The Club decided to make this date a little special besides just presenting food items. President Caylize Sabado and District Extension Chairman Juanita Lee made prior arrangements with the persons in charge of the following two homes mentioned below, to organise a birthday celebration for the August birthday children and an elderly woman.


  1. Charis Children Home located at Puchong with 48 children. The club celebrated the birthdays of 4 children, ages ranging from 7 to 14.
  2. Charis Old Folks Home located at Taman Yarl with 23 residents, and celebrated the birthday of an elderly lady who turned 72 this month.


President Caylize, together with six Inner Wheel members and two club guests selflessly prepared some home-cooked food for these homes. The President personally baked two butter cakes decorated with fresh blue pea flowers from her garden. Many other members brought nuggets, chee cheong fun, muffins, fried chicken wings, fish paste tau fu, Loacker’s Biscuits, Mark & Spencer Biscuits, packets of Milo, fruits, Yeos packets drinks, sardines pastries and cartons of apples. Four big colourful balloons and birthday gifts were also presented to all the birthday girls. At the same time, the President also presented other food items to the person-in-charge of these respective homes. The guests of the club also contributed 40 party packs, banana cakes, fried rice and boxes of face masks to these homes.


The third project of the day was the visit to  Crisis Home (HIV) at Taman Yarl with 12 residents. The President delivered some food items including a box of apples and Yeos packets drinks, packets of 1 kg Milo, kaya and red bean buns from Sydney cake house, Beryls chocolates, BKC nutritional almond drinks, Lady’s choice orange marmalade and coleslaw dressing, braised beans and pickled vegetables to Mr Isaac, the person-in-charge of the home.


There was so much joy and happiness brought into these homes. Indeed, it was a day well spent for those that attended these birthday parties and projects.


~ Mrs Ivy Ho, Club Correspondent


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Click to view video: Singing birthday song to the 4 birthday girls. And followed by singing a birthday song to the birthday girl. DEC Juanita presented her with a birthday gift.