Medical aid for Klang Ekliptic Children's Centre

  Inner Wheel Club of Kuala Lumpur

29 August 2020



This medical aid project was inspired after the club paid a visit to the Klang Ekliptic Children’s Centre on the 9 August, 2020. President Caylize Sabado noticed that a number of residents there were suffering from severe skin problems. Moved with compassion, she quickly contacted her friend Dr Ong Hin, a skin specialist who is currently practising in Raub, Pahang, to offer treatment to the residents at this Centre.


On the afternoon of 29 August 2020, a total of 9 Inner Wheel members and 4 guests met at the Centre around 1:45 pm.  Upon arrival, the person-in-charge of the Centre brought Dr Ong into an examination room to examine and treat the 16 residents. Meanwhile, IWCKL members and guests were busy setting up a tea spread.


Meanwhile, Mrs Elizabeth, a volunteer from the Centre, briefed the guests of an intention to raise funds for two residents suffering from cataract and glaucoma that requires surgery. She also had arranged the residents to perform some dance routines, who were delighted to have some of the guests joining in the dance.


After the treatment session, President Caylize presented a Club banner and a token of appreciation to Dr Ong, and tea was served thereafter. Some of our members offered to help feed residents who are unable to feed themselves.


We left at about 4:15 pm bidding farewell to the residents at the Centre. It was indeed a Saturday well spent for those who have participated in this project.


~ Mrs Ivy Ho, Club Correspondent

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