Third monthly meeting


  Inner Wheel Club of Subang Selangor

17 October 2020



With the Health Ministry imposing CMCO (Conditional Movement Control Order) on 11 October 2020 due to a spike in COVID-19 cases, IWCSS President Indira Menon switched our third monthly meeting to a Zoom meet.


It was a different experience for members as the camaraderie which we look forward to and the partaking in the usual lunch after each meeting were missing.


After the first few stumbles, cannot get in, cannot see, mute/unmute to drown sounds in the background, the meeting soon moved on to a productive discussion.


All items in the agenda were addressed with full concentration, unlike in a physical meet when some of us may drift to talking with each other etc.


It was also good for some of us who are not too familiar with this technology to update and be familiar in the use of Zoom.  This would indeed be a very effective way of communication if something urgent comes up and a collective discussion and consensus from members are needed.


There is always a silver lining to every cloud.


~ Shamala Dharan, Club Correspondent

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