Donating masks to Pokok Sena prison


  Inner Wheel Club of Alor Setar

19 October 2020



As we know, for the past few months, Kedah has been hit by an exponential and unprecedented spike in COVID-19 cases, from the Sivagangga cluster to Sungai cluster to Sintok cluster and now the Tembok cluster.


Today, IWCAS was given special permission to make the journey to the Pokok Sena prison that had sent out an appeal for three-ply face masks.


Using RM500 from our charity account and RM500 raised from the public, President Tunku Munirah and Committee member, Tunku Zamharir delivered 100 boxes of the three-ply masks to Puan Soraya, Admintrative Officer of Pokok Sena Prison. The pictures speak a thousand meaningful words for the entire IWCAS team.


~ Ishka Kaur, Club Correspondent

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