5th General Meeting and Official Visit of District Chairman Shanti Menon


  Inner Wheel Club of Kuala Lumpur

5 November 2020


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The 5th General Meeting on the 5 November 2020 was a significant day for the Inner Wheel Club of Kuala Lumpur, as it was the official visit of the District Chairman, Mrs Shanti Menon. A string of events were carefully planned by our Organising Chairman, Datin Gerardine Ng, with the theme entitled “Nyonya Gembira”. Members of the club were all looking forward to meet the DC, and were encouraged to put on their best nyonya attire for this meeting.


Unfortunately, due to the extended Conditional Movement Control Order in the Klang Valley, the Club had to observe regulatory standard operating procedures. It was decided to hold the General Meeting over the Zoom platform instead. Some members were invited to join  President Caylize Ong-Sabado for a physical meeting with the DC at the beautiful residence of Extension Chairman Juanita Lee.


The meeting started at 2:00PM with a welcome song “A Wonderful Day”, followed by an informative and interesting address by DC Shanti Menon. She acknowledged that the Water Poverty Challenge project by the Club was in line with IIW President Dr Bina Vyas’s Vision & Mission. She also praised the Club President, Mrs Caylize Sabado for the many projects accomplished, and especially in assisting DEC Mrs Juanita Lee to form a new club in Malacca despite the COVID-19 pandemic situation.


District Chairman was  further impressed to know that the club is now planning for another project, the “Borehole Tubewell Project”, which is to provide 2 wells in an Orang Asli settlement located at Kg Leleh in Pahang in collaboration with a company, SMGB.


On behalf of the club members, PIEO To' Puan Lam Leepin thanked the District Chairman for her encouraging address. Later, President Caylize and the District Chairman exchanged tokens of appreciation.


After the business part of the meeting, the Club invited Dr Lee Su Kim to give a talk on  “Nyonya Heritage”. It was an enlightening talk, truly an eye opener for many of the members who had limited knowledge about the history of Babas and Nyonyas. Dr Lee was given a token of appreciation by the President. Dr Lee presented a copy of her book to the District Chairman.


The meeting ended at 4:30PM with a closing song, followed by high-tea hosted by the Club members.

~ Mrs Ivy Ho, Club Correspondent