Pre-love clothings for soup kitchen patrons


  Inner Wheel Club of Alor Setar

26 November 2020


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The Inner Wheel Club of Alor Setar has helped at the THB Soup Kitchen in Alor Setar a few times by sponsoring and assisting in the preparation and distribution of meals to about 150 regular and hungry patrons. One thing that our members noticed was that most of the patrons often looked bedraggled, with worn-out clothes on their backs. Members were stirred into action and a call for pre-loved clothes resulted in more than a collection of 10 boxes of clothing to be given away to these special people.


On 26 November 2020, the boxes were handed over to the management of the Soup Kitchen who assured us the clothes would be sorted out and distributed to them. IWCAS also took the opportunity to have a photo of activities posted up on the soup kitchen notice board. We hope these pre-loved clothes will bring a smile to the faces of our dear friends of the Soup Kitchen and we hope to meet them again soon, looking all spruced up and fine.


~ Ishka Kaur, Club Correspondent