Assisting Noman to a normal life


  Inner Wheel Club of Subang Selangor

29 November 2020


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Inner Wheel Club of Subang Selangor has been supporting a tutoring centre in Kajang for Pakistani refugee children under the purview of Agape Vision Education Consultancy which assists marginalised persons.


We have supported them in paying some utilities bills, conducted a Christmas cheer last year and also in getting souvenirs for their annual prize giving.


However, amongst all these assistance, we take pride in helping a very ill child. In December 2019, Noman was the proud recipient of an academic award.  But in February 2020, he was taken gravely ill and was admitted to Hospital Serdang and subsequently diagnosed with juvenile diabetes. He also had a raw open wound, a diabetic ulcer on his head.  He was in a very critical stage and his family was requesting for assistance in paying the hospital bill that was accelerating to a high figure. We then got sponsors as well as our club funds to pay towards some part of the bill.


It was quite unfortunate that with the pandemic, we could not pay him a visit whilst he was warded in the hospital.


With continued medical support Noman has recovered and is now back to be a bubbly pre-teen pursuing his studies and his favourite pastime playing the dholak (a two-headed hand-drum from the Indian subcontinent).


We will continue to periodically help him towards the cost of his medication namely insulin jabs which cost approximately RM300/- per month.  His father, being an odd job worker, sometimes finds it difficult to meet this cost.


A child saved is a future saved.


~ Shamala Dharan, Club Correspondent