6th General Meeting and induction of 4 new members


  Inner Wheel Club of Kuala Lumpur

7 January 2021


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The Inner Wheel Club of Kuala Lumpur held its 6th General Meeting on the 7 January 2021. This meeting was organised by President Caylize Sabado. It was both virtually held over the Zoom platform, attended by 24 members, as well as physically attended by 16 members at Copper Mansion Restaurant.


The members witnessed the induction of 4 new members as President Caylize continued to heed the call to promote the Membership Development Programme by DEC Mrs Juanita Lee. IWCKL welcomed the newly inducted members Mrs Anna Chua, Dr Lee Su Kim, Mrs Alice Chong and Mrs Angelyn Koh with open arms.


To date, the President has inducted a total of 10 new members in Inner Wheel year 2020-2021. Well done, President Caylize!


The meeting ended with a birthday celebration for the January birthday girls both present physically and virtually.

~ Mrs Ivy Ho, Club Correspondent