International Women's Day 2021


  Inner Wheel Club of Subang Selangor

8 March 2021


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This day, the 8th March of each year is a special date when we celebrate and acknowledge globally the struggles and achievement of women from all walks of life in economic, political, social and cultural settings.


We at IWCSS decided that we will share this day by supporting two organisations that take care of women namely RPS, a shelter home for abused women and children, and SUKA, an organisation which protects and looks after exploited and trafficked youngsters till they are returned to their homes or to a safe environment.


We contributed a sewing machine to RPS which will allow them to stitch and mend clothing for their residents. IPP Shanty Chandran and Treasurer Malliga Maniam handed this over and joined the staff and occupants of the home for tea.


On the same day, we funded the tea and lunches at SUKA who is celebrating International Women's Day for a week with meals, games, dancing etc. However, we couldn’t be with them physically but the person in charge at SUKA shared some photos with us.


We hope to spread the word and capture the spirit of International Women's Day.


"Woman is the radiance of God.

She is not a creature….

She is the Creator."


~ muses from mystic RUMI ~


~ Shamala Dharan, Club Correspondent