Giving aid to women in incarceration


  Inner Wheel Club of Kuantan/Indera Mahkota

12 March 2021


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In conjunction with the International Women’s Day,  IWC Kuantan / Indera Mahkota had a platform to participate in the Sanitary Pads Programme for Women Inmates in Bentong Prison, Pahang.


We embarked on this project when learned that the inmates were using sanitary pads that were cut into so as to have more to use.


The club and members were happy to donate 10 cartons of sanitary pads equivalent to 480 packs. The presentation was made by President Renuha to Puan Siti,  Bentong Prison officer.


Puan Siti expressed her appreciation to the Club for their thoughtful and kind donation.


~ Sherifah Nor Hana, Club Correspondent