Reconnecting with our make-up


Inner Wheel Club of Subang Selangor

3 July 2021


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Ever since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and the frequent Movement Control Orders, most ladies seemed to have developed a disconnect with their daily MAKE-UP routines as the realisation set in that whatever they did to beautify themselves, ended up being covered by a face-mask. Soon the desire to wear make-up ebbed away. The usual excuse whimpered was that the most neglected of items namely the lipsticks were anyway in various stages of drying up on their dressers and beauty kits.


It was with this in mind and the fact that they had not done many fun projects for a while that the Inner Wheel Club of Subang Selangor decided to have a virtual make-up session.  Rajini, the Club’s ISO organised and sought the assistance of a sister club ISO, IWC KL North’s Meghala, to conduct a joint ISO project with District ISO Datin Pathma Ramanathan’s blessings and participation.  Meghala, a trained beautician, was operating her own beauty parlour which unfortunately had to be closed down due to COVID-19 pandemic restrictions.


Meghala expertly took the sixty odd participants through the right regime of make-up by using her own face as the canvas. Most of the steps were new to the ladies.  It was certainly a very lively, interactive and fun session.  The viewers watched raptly and some were seen taking notes too. However, there were some members who studiously did the makeup on themselves. Their before and after looks here were duly recorded.


At the question-and-answer session, loads of interest was exhibited and Meghala generously offered even more tips.  There was definitely a surge of enquiries as to how to acquire some of the make-up items.


IWC Subang took up this initiative to brighten participants’ lives and lift their spirits. Their families would notice the change and be similarly inspired to bring colour into their own lives and those around them by dispensing with the dishevelled ‘pandemic look’ and embracing a more attractive one.

~ Shamala Dharan