Food@4 in collaboration with ADUN Sentosa


Inner Wheel Club of Klang

10 July 2021


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The State Legislative Assembly (ADUN) in Sentosa has initiated a programme known as Food @4. The Inner Wheel Club of Klang participated in the programme which aims to provide meals for the hungry.


Food@4 serves to avail any deserving person the opportunity to enjoy at least one meal for the day, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic when many have been deprived of jobs, incomes and the very basic needs to survive.


IWC Klang sponsored the food on 10 July 2021. Members rallied together to cook the food, to pack and to distribute to 200 individuals. While preparing the meals, members were careful to adhere to all standard operating procedures.


This initiative was funded by IWC Klang’s President Krisnavani@Devi  and is a heartwarming kick-start to the new term. To quote the President, “One of the greatest gifts we can give during this crisis is our time and effort to help the needy and deserving who have been so severely impacted by the pandemic and lockdown restrictions.”

~ Lalitha