Providing meals to people in need


Inner Wheel Club of Johor Bahru

11 July 2021


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Given the current need of the hour, the Inner Wheel Club of Johor Bahru started its first project for the 2021-2022 term by providing cooked meals for the homeless and families in dire need of a meal.


When hope is the only light to hold on to, here comes the big hearted and generous donors along with sponsors the club came across with during these difficult times.


Club members immediately acted to raise funds. Meanwhile project leader cum club treasurer, Amy, liaised with a caterer to cook a hearty breakfast, added packet milo drinks together with bread kindly sponsored by Pan Kobo Bakery to compliment the meal. These meals were distributed by Fusion catering to the homeless and families in need around Johor Bahru city centre.


Club President Sumathi also visited a family of 18 people at Desa Tebrau who lost their job and having a hard time coping daily.


She distributed food provisions and fresh food donated by a generous donor and club member.


With all the generous individuals, this project is expected to provide meals frequently for the next 3 months or more.


The aim is to fight hunger and serve as many as possible, individuals and families affected by the pandemic. IWC JB is doing its part to help in whatever way it can to help these individuals and families.


 “Giving is not about donating, it is about making a difference”

~ Amy Nair