Masks for frontliners


Inner Wheel Club of Butterworth

14 July 2021


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The first project by the Inner Wheel Club of Butterworth for the term 2021-2022 was the distribution of KN95 face masks for use by front liners in 3 major hospitals on the mainland of Penang state namely, Hospital Sungai Bakap in South Seberang Perai District, Hospital Bukit Mertajam in Central Seberang Perai District and Hospital Kepala Batas in North Seberang Perai District.


This project was undertaken by the Club’s Exco helmed by President Santhi Sundara and Club members generously contributed for the costs incurred in giving 1,000 pieces of these high-quality masks to each of the above hospitals.


On the 14 Jul 2021 at 8:00 am, 3 members: President Santhi Sundara, Committee member Dr Kanyakumari Balakrishnan and Past President Lucy Barrock, distributed 1,000 pieces of KN-95 masks to Hospital Sungai Bakap.


At 10.00am of the same day, President Santhi Sundara, PP Lucy Barrock and Committee member Syamala Chandra Sekharen distributed 1000 pieces of KN-95 masks to Hospital Bukit Mertajam. A letter of appreciation was handed over by the hospital authorities to the Inner Wheel Club of Butterworth.


Later at 2:00 pm, President Santhi Sundara and PP Lucy Barrock distributed the final boxes of the 1,000 pieces of KN-95 masks to Hospital Kepala Batas.


The project was well-organised and members of IWC Butterworth have the satisfaction of  contributing towards the safety of the frontliners who risk their lives daily in caring for patients regardless of race, creed and colour throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.


This focus of this project is in line with one of the areas of International Inner Wheel social project campaign 2021-2024, i.e. Health.


~ Sharmni Ramiah