District 330 ISOs relax to reduce anxieties


District 330

23 July 2021


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The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc, leaving in its trail severe hardships which have led to anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, and even, mental health problems for some. Taking cognizance of how problems like these can have a devastating effect, District ISO Datin Pathma Ramanathan organised a webinar for all ISOs on 23 July 2021. The facilitator was none other than Mrs. Rajani Vidyasagar, a  psychotherapist from IWC Subang.


Aptly titled ‘Lets Relax – Focus on Your Love and Gratitude and Learn Three Techniques to Reduce Anxiety’, 21 participants paid rapt attention as Rajani spoke about gratitude, managing anxiety and relaxation techniques. Among others, Rajani said that it is not the obvious things like having wealth that we should be grateful for, but the little things, like the ability to wake up healthy, having food on the table, knowing that our family is safe, etc., that will lead to a healthier and relaxed frame of mind. She encouraged members to keep a journal or a diary or whatever is convenient to record the little things that each of us is grateful for and assured us that we would see a remarkable change in how we view life, moving forward. Rajani then touched on anxiety and emphasized that it is important that we never judge another person’s anxiety based on our own experiences of dealing with it.  Rajani also took participants through three simple yet effective techniques to reduce anxiety and even panic attacks – a breathing exercise, learning to smile in spite of our anxieties, and labelling and relabelling all that troubles us. After participants felt more relaxed through the three techniques, Rajani explained how applying the colour calming technique, where one learns to let colours flow in and out of one’s mind, can be a most effective means to reduce anxiety levels.


What participants took away from this webinar is not to prioritise achievements, success and wealth at the expense of mental health and well-being. We need to stop comparing ourselves to others and make peace of mind the ultimate goal in life. Focusing on things that make us feel good and happy, identifying the negative beliefs that hold us back, confronting our fears and moving out of our comfort zone, would be the starting point for a more fulfilling state of mind.


Datin Pathma recorded her thanks and appreciation to Rajani for her excellent presentation and also to Emcee Sheena Sreedhar, ISO from IWC JB and Saras Varden from IWC Klang for hosting the zoom meet.



~ Padmini Pillai, District Editor