Strong women in a challenging world


Inner Wheel Club of Subang Selangor

25 July 2021


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The IW theme for year 2021-2022 is PINK FIRST with focus on Women helping Women. IWC Subang organised a virtual talk for the clubs of Inner Wheel District 330, by a prominent and successful Malaysian lady Ms. Sitpah Selvaratnam to chart the pathway.


Sitpah is an eminent advocate and an international arbitrator with 30 years of experience in dispute resolution.  Her name became synonymous as one of the leaders in the field of maritime dispute as she ably concluded the takeover and sale of the infamous super yacht “Equanimity” in 2018 for Malaysia. She offered her services for free for her country.


Her talk on ‘Strong Women in a Challenging World’ was very apt to address the IIW theme in our current gloom and doom situation.  The world is certainly facing unprecedented times as it has impacted health, education, loss of livelihood, domestic violence, food scarcity and impacted economies round the world. There is more isolation and loneliness and this has affected mental well-being. Women and girls are more vulnerable now and this needs to be addressed.


She stressed on the fact that women have to realise that they have higher emotional intelligence and inbuilt ability to lead with inspiration, manage conflicts, and also build strong and positive relationships. Strong women are not afraid of emotions and know that kindness and compassion breed strength. This strength stems from having positive energy, gratitude and hope.


She concluded with excellent suggestions on mining our strength as below:


Despite the vulnerability of women and girls, they can face the emerging challenges with inner strength and this in turn will emit positive energy, gratitude and hope and it will have a rippling effect on their families, community and nation at large.


In summing up, a quote from Sitpah,


“I didn’t succeed in getting a buyer from my London foray, but thanks to MY (the) Equanimity, I found a powerful voice in me that was fearless”

~ extract from the book she authored
“The Arrest of the Superyacht Equanimity”.


Women must thus find their own fearless and powerful voices in these troubled times.


~ Shamala Dharan