IWC Alor Setar and IWC Kinabalu Rafflesia: Friendship beyond borders


Inner Wheel Club of Alor Setar

30 July 2021


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When covid-19 lockdowns prevent Inner Wheel Club members from meeting and collaborating physically, what can Clubs do to keep the ideals of Inner Wheel alive? Get creative and use technology – and that is what two Clubs did on 30 July 2021. The Inner Wheel Club of Alor Setar (IWCAS) and the Inner Wheel Club of Kinabalu Rafflesia under District 331 met together via zoom, so appropriately on International Friendship Day to sign an agreement of cooperation and friendship.  A total of 29 members from both Districts watched in awe as the signatures of the two Presidents, Dr. Pavitratha and Ms. Audrey, swiftly swooshed across the screen to sit squarely above both their names, to signal that the Agreement had been signed, sealed and delivered.


Besides 13 members from IWCAS and three from IWCKR, the enthralling event was witnessed by the Chairmen of Districts 330 and 331, Datin Shamini Nair and Datin Gillian Lee, respectively, as well as NR of Districts 330 and 331, Mrs. Ambika Menon, DISO of District 330, Datin Pathma, IIW PBD Shirin Ghadiali, PNR Phyllis Fong and IPNR Alice Lau.

The Presidents also exchanged each other’s bannerettes, after which, members were entertained to a virtual tour of both the states of Kedah and Sabah, as well as a semi-classical Indian dance. As the event drew to an end, members resolved that once the travel restrictions were lifted and it is safe to travel, plans which now lie dormant in the pipeline would definitely come to fruition.


~ Shantha Pillai