Immunity enhancement 3-day workshop


Inner Wheel Club of Melaka

4-6 August 2021


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Inner Wheel Club of Melaka hosted 3 days of free online Immunity Enhancement workshops from 4th to 6th August 2021.  It was conducted by a team of trained and experienced volunteer instructors from the Art of Living Organisation (AOL) for 24 IWCM and some Inner Wheel members from various Inner Wheel Clubs in Inner Wheel District 330 who had registered for the workshops via the Zoom platform.   The 3 sessions which ran for about an hour each day were led by a senior instructor of AOL, Ms Tan Ying Shi and assisted by co-trainers, Ms Iris Lam and Ms Christina Ong. The objectives of the online workshops were primarily to equip Inner Wheel members with the knowledge and skills to strengthen their immune systems and to maintain a healthy mental and physical state of well-being within their own homes during the Coronavirus Pandemic.


 The workshop participants were put through a series of Bhastrika breathing techniques and body stretching exercises with clear explanations given by the lead instructor. These exercises helped to expand the lungs and boost the oxygen intake to strengthen participants’ immunity, increase their energy levels as well as release their stress and anxiety.


The participants felt that the workshops were beneficial and had enabled them to breathe deeper and some were able to achieve restful sleep at night. The Inner Wheel Club Of Melaka thanked the training team from the Art of Living Organisation for organising and sharing invaluable knowledge with the Inner Wheel Clubs’ ladies. The workshop sessions also cemented friendship ties among the participants from the various Inner Wheel Clubs in IW District 330.


~ Betty Ong