Donation of vegetables to food bank


Inner Wheel Club of Alor Setar

9 August 2021


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Since the pandemic and lockdown, many people have been finding it difficult to make ends meet and even have a decent meal every day. One benevolent person in the vicinity started a food bank, which serves vegetarian meals every day to the needy.


Members of IWC AS noted that the food bank owner had sent out a call for donations of vegetables so that she could continue to sustain this food bank.


Members approached Ms. Ong, a friend who has a mini vegetable garden in her home and she agreed that the vegetables could be harvested, sorted, cleaned and packed for donation.


Members spent the morning cutting and packing the vegetables which the food bank manager gratefully picked up later in the morning. Ms. Ong has agreed to work with IWC AS to continue to donate vegetables to the food bank from time to time.  IWC AS appreciates the kind gesture of Ms. Ong.


~ Shantha Pillai