Tea-time with Jayanthi as she cooks


Inner Wheel Club of Subang Selangor

10 August 2021


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IWC Subang’s Jayanthi Somasundram came up with the idea of sharing her well-loved recipes for desserts. What better way than to watch a cooking session as the afternoons are getting long and monotonous as social gathering are prohibited.


It was a fun-loving evening, with members having tea each in their own home whilst watching Jayanthi and her maid Artini, cooking up 2 delicious looking desserts.  She lovingly shared her recipes for Kunafa, a traditional Middle Eastern dessert and Mango Kulfi, a well-known Indian dessert.  She did both of these in an hour.


While the Kunafa was being baked, she rustled up the mango kulfi.  Members shared lively and fun conversations throughout the session.


Though they could not taste the Kunafa, Jayanthi conveyed that the taste was delicate, creamy and only subtly sweet. The end products of both dishes were certainly showstoppers.


It ended like a tete-a-tete as each member was with her own laptop in the comfort of her own home.


~ Shamala Dharan