Let's Zoom everyone


District 330 ISO

12 August 2021


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Everyone is facing unprecedented times with the global spread of COVID-19. As a result, people are turning to video conferencing tools to help them make their transition from physical to virtual meetings seamless and easy.


The ever-increasing use of Zoom is one illustration of how users are making this shift and learning to use the features it provides more effectively and efficiently.


On 12 August 2021, Club ISOs of District 330 jumped on the bandwagon to understand better how to utilise Zoom. Organised by DISO Datin Pathma and effortlessly facilitated by Patricia Rao, ISO of IWC of Alor Setar, the night witnessed 21 participants, including Webmaster Lucy and District Editor Padmini, enriching their understanding on using Zoom to interact with colleagues, clients and students.


Participants listened enthralled as Patricia explained how Zoom can be used to facilitate a host of functions, starting from creating an account, scheduling the first meeting, inviting and joining a meeting, recording and transcribing meetings, screen sharing and annotation for more interactive team meetings. Participants also learnt more about Zoom chat, digital whiteboard, zoom rooms, virtual backgrounds, creating immersive environments and many more.


The training was indeed a new learning curve for most as participants unanimously agreed that they are now more confident of hosting their own virtual meetings. Everyone realises that virtual meeting apps are here to stay and it is crucial to be endowed with new skill-sets that would allow communication to be more effective.


DISO Datin Pathma thanked Patricia and all participants for their rapt attention and assured that more training would be conducted with the google meet app next on the training calendar for ISOs.

~ Padmini Pillai, District Editor