Talk on "Caring for the Elderly"


Inner Wheel Club of Butterworth

14 August 2021


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The Inner Wheel Club of Butterworth organised a special fellowship for its members with a talk aptly titled ‘Caring for the elderly in the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic’. 18 members attended this effort which included a slide presentation and an interactive session at the end which members happily took advantage of.


Committee Member, Dr. Kanyakumari Balakrishnan, a medical Doctor by profession shared her knowledge and expertise on how to have an ‘Active Lifestyle’ and to achieve ‘Healthy Ageing’. Dr Kanya also touched on some of the common neurological diseases which afflict the elderly such as Stroke and Dementia. Other issues discussed included Falls, Reduced Sleep and also Emotional Issues.


Dr Kanya in her talk also took cognizance of how such issues can have a catastrophic effect on the elderly. She stressed that these may be easily solved by providing emotional support and having consultations with Professional Counsellors.


Members of Inner Wheel Club of Butterworth found this fellowship to be most beneficial and informative. This talk is also in line with one of the objectives of International Inner Wheel covering one of the areas of current focus namely, Health.




~ R. Sharmni