IWC Intan, Kuala Lumpur distributes chocolates to children's homes


Inner Wheel Club of Intan, Kuala Lumpur

18 August 2021


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Research has proven that chocolates can make people happy, and children usually are the happiest to receive chocolate gifts.


When IWC of Intan, Kuala Lumpur received a donation of 300 chocolate bars from Beryl's Chocolate, the ladies of IWC of Intan did not have too much trouble in deciding to whom the chocolates should be distributed to. The decision was unanimous that the recipients would be the children of three homes: Yayasan Sunbeams, Kembara Kitchen and City Revival Boys & Girls Homes. The members were confident that the chocolates would be both a surprise and a delightful treat for the children.


Members were not wrong and received news that the children squealed with joy to receive the gift. IWC of Intan felt elated to have uplifted the spirit of the children and spread some joy.


The Club hopes to be able to carry out similar projects in future.


~ Natasha Pack