Reaching out to mothers in need.


Inner Wheel Club of Bangsar

19 August 2021


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The Inner Wheel Club of Bangsar reached out to a few distraught mothers in the outskirts of Sabah and Selangor. The Club financially supported five young mothers who live in Tawau and Sandakan to purchase infant formula and foodstuff for their families during this COVID-19 pandemic.


IWC of Bangsar also sourced a wheelchair and successfully delivered it to a stay- alone elderly mother in Ulu Langat who is in her post-COVID-19 recovery phase. In addition, the Club donated some daily essentials, medicines and goodies for her. Her neighbour who is caring for her, expressed gratitude on her behalf to the members as the kindness shown by the Club has brought much joy to her. With the wheel chair, this elderly mum can soon be taken out to enjoy the fresh air after her period of disability and being confined to the four walls of her home is over.


IWC of Bangsar was indeed pleased to have brought joy into the lives of these mothers. Such projects offer a reprieve to poor women and give them a life line to get back on their feet and move forward with the aid disbursed to them.