A much needed donation of personal care items


Inner Wheel Club of Petaling Jaya

22 August 2021


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During this COVID-19 pandemic, many distraught families have been reaching out for help, including Myanmar refugees who live in the vicinity of Petaling Jaya. People who have run out of supplies were urged to put up white flags outside their homes. Members were alerted that the Myanmar refugees had raised the flag and quickly swung into action. President Lysa Kuruvilla came up with the idea that many donors are responding by contributing food and provisions but another much needed set of essentials is being overlooked, i.e. personal care items.


IWCPJ packed 50 sets of personal care items, made possible by generous donations from well-wishers, which included bath and laundry items, as well as towels, masks, sanitizers and medicated oil.


On 22 August 2021, IWCPJ, represented by President Lysa Kuruvilla, CC Monica Chong and PDNR Sheela Wadhwani, distributed the specially packed kits to the Myanmar refugees.


The recipients truly appreciated the kind and thoughtful gesture of IWCPJ and were delighted to receive the much needed personal care kits.


~ Monica Chong