Inner Wheel Club of Alor Setar

27 August 2021


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“Its hard to be a woman ‒

you must think like a man;

act like a lady;

look like a young girl;

and work like a horse.”


Those were the opening remarks of Dr. Tesini M Paramannantha Veloo, a psychiatrist from a hospital in Kuala Lumpur who was invited by the Inner Wheel Club of Alor Setar (IWC AS) to facilitate a webinar entitled, ‘SUFFERING IN SILENCE: COPING WITH DEPRESSION’, on 27 August 2021.


The response from Inner Wheel members was good with 71 members and guests joining the webinar, particularly that it was such an appropriate topic, given the rising number of people suffering from depression, specifically women, who have had to cope and juggle with the myriad tasks under the new norms of the COVID-19 pandemic. Members learnt that 322 million people suffer from depression globally and women are 70% more likely than men to suffer from depression.


Dr. Tesini went on to explain that depression, a little understood, and more importantly, a misunderstood condition, can be brought on by multiple causes, encompassing biological, social & environmental and psychological factors. Although many do not seek treatment, Dr. Tesini assured the audience that a simple routine of breathing and exercises would help women manage depression. She took members through a number of techniques that could be practiced every day to relax the tension that depression starts off with, before it manifests full-blown symptoms, if not managed well.


Before ending the Q&A session that ensued, Dr. Tesini shared a number of contacts that women could reach out to in case help was needed.


IWC AS expresses its deepest appreciation to Dr. Tesini and all participants. This webinar is the kick-start to a series of webinars that IWC AS has lined up in the months to come.



~ Shantha Pillai