Celebrating Malaysia's independence day


Inner Wheel District 330

30 August 2021


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To commemorate Malaysia’s 64th year of Independence, DISO Datin Pathma Ramanathan and her team of Club ISOs organised a special virtual Merdeka Day Celebrations on 30 August 2021. In her opening address, DISO Datin Pathma welcomed all present, including the District ExCo, Inner Wheel members and guests. A very special mention was made to welcome President Fouzia Mubashir and ISO Vikeswara Dinesh, from IWC of Calicut Central (District 320) as well as Mrs. Nirmala Raphael from Matale Sri Lanka.  Datin Pathma also acknowledged the effort put in by ISO Farah Adeebah Abdul from IWC of Azul and ISO Patricia Rao from IWC of Alor Setar, for bringing this programme to fruition.


Before starting the programme. District Editor received a most pleasant surprise and was moved when everyone wished her a very happy birthday. Then the programme started with the virtual raising of the Malaysian Flag and as the strains of the National Anthem, Negaraku, reverberated via the screen, members stood up proudly to show deep respect for the nation of Malaysia, which has gone through its own fair share of trials and tribulations.


Following this was a National Day quiz. ISO Farah briefed the members on how this would be done, and subsequently, members downloaded the kahoot.it app to facilitate their participation in the 25-question Merdeka quiz. Members had so much fun selecting the right answer from the multiple options, and at the end of the quiz, District Treasurer Vimala virtually mounted the podium to win first prize.


Everyone agreed that it was a truly fun evening, one that had not only enlightened them on Malaysia’s history but an event that would remain etched in their minds that Inner Wheel is truly about camaraderie and forging true friendships.


Kudos to DISO Datin Pathma and her team of enthusiastic and energetic ISOs.


~ Padmini Pillai