Five projects in August 2021


Inner Wheel Club of Johor Bahru

23 August 2021


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1. Food Bank Projects- 8th August 2021


Euro Park, a funfair from Europe had been providing exciting rides and entertainment till the COVID-19 Pandemic struck. Workers there were stranded and faced hardship. Treasurer Amy Nair was alerted about their plight and quickly mobilised aid for them through IWC JB’s Food Bank.


The Food Bank is being operated by Sham and it has successfully channelled groceries and other food-aid to the needy whenever the need arose. Another recipient of this aid was a family of two living in squalid conditions. Sham has been diligently identifying families who need such help and delivering groceries on behalf of the club to them every month.



2. Talk on Pink First by Deputy National Representative Parimala Satheesan- 8th August 2021


DNR Parimala Satheesan has been IWC JB’s mentor since its inception and she is much sought after by clubs because of her in-depth knowledge and vast experience in Inner Wheel District 330. She graciously acquiesced when IWC JB requested that she spoke on the new IIW theme of ‘Pink First’ and members listened attentively as she touched on protocol also how members could empower one another.


President Sumathi promoted DNR Parimala’s talk with the slogan ‘Health is Wealth’ and there was a Pilates Session organised as well which was facilitated by Secretary Seema. IWC JB’s members enjoyed their workout and had fun stretching with their own in-house Pilates instructor.



3. Meals for the Needy and Homeless- 15th August 2021


IWC JB has been providing breakfast for 80 pax on Sundays and Wednesdays since July. On 15th August, the process of service was upgraded to a more environment friendly one when the caterer upon request, graciously agreed to change the packaging from plastic to paper containers.


Club Secretary Seema also managed to persuade a volunteer Mr Somasundram, to provide lunch as well to further enhance the project. Seema and Club Treasurer Amy have done well to build a good rapport with the caterers and follow up with the progress of this project.



4. Monthly Meeting- 22nd August 2021


The Inner Wheel Club of Johor Bahru held its monthly meeting on 22nd August 2021 via Zoom. Members dearly miss face to face meetings, hugs and the scrumptious food that follow.


However, they were grateful for technology which allows at least a modicum of interaction through virtual meetings. As always Vice President Natasha lit the Candle and Secretary Seema had sent out the Minutes and Agenda beforehand.


President Sumathi conducted the meeting in her usual sweet but sharp manner. Members were as usual happy to meet up and chitchat.


5. Bringing together a generous Donor and a worthy Recipient- 23rd August 2021


Vice President Natasha of IWC JB while on a trip to Australia had encountered an Australian of Malaysian origin who was eager to donate to an orphanage in Malaysia. The Donor had experienced the plight of an orphanage first hand whilst studying in a local Convent School.

She however was not aware of Inner Wheel Clubs and donating through such a club so a brochure was quickly prepared for her information. She has since been regularly contributing towards the upkeep of the orphanage for the third month in a row. She is happy with IWC JB for facilitating the arrangement and has pledged to continue to support the club. IWC JB has provided a platform for such a donation in keeping with the aims of Inner Wheel.

~ Devahi Palany