Saree draping by Priya Dharshini


Inner Wheel Club of Butterworth

4 September 2021


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On 4th September IWC Butterworth had a virtual fellowship with a Saree draping tutorial by Priya Dharshini who is based in Johor and a close associate of President Santhi Sundara. A make up artiste and beautician by profession, Priya immediately warmed the hearts of the participants with her friendly demeanour and vivacious personality.


She showed participants how to iron and prepare a saree for storage and quick draping. Then she proceeded to show methods of draping which are figure flattering including suggestions for blouses. She proudly showed the steps in a family heirloom, a Kanchipuram silk saree which was handed down to her and still in pristine condition despite being decades old.


Throughout the session Priya had IWC Butterworth’s members in stitches with her jokes and comments. There were enthusiastic questions and much interaction throughout. When the session was over, Priya asked for member’s blessings and blessed them in return. It was a truly entertaining and fun-filled session which members thoroughly enjoyed.


~ Lucy Barrock