Reach out food project


Inner Wheel Club of Melaka

4 September 2021


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On 4th September 2021, Inner Wheel Club of Melaka (IWCM) undertook a reach-out food aid project to 6 needy families who have been impacted by the pandemic. Breadwinners from these families had lost their jobs and faced financial hardships in supporting their families’ daily subsistence.


With help from the Malaysian Red Crescent (MRC) 4x4 Team, IWCM submitted the 6 families’ applications for assistance from the PPB Group Community Support Initiatives.  All the 6 applicants were successful and were duly extended support by PPB with food essentials that consisted of a 10-kilo bag of rice, a tray of chicken eggs, 2 kilos of sugar, a bottle of Seri Murni cooking oil, 2 packets of vermicelli, Marina baked beans and sardines, FFM flour, V-Soy, packets of instant noodles, a loaf of bread, a packet of Milo and a 2-kilo dressed chicken.


In addition, some mothers with young children were also given baby diapers and women’s sanitary pads generously donated by kind individual donors.


To top the food aid, MRC had brought additional foodstuffs such as boxes of instant noodles, bottles of orange juice and some bottles of chicken spread to be distributed to these 6 families.


IWCM appreciates the generosity of PPB Group Berhad, MRC 4x4 Team and the individual donors who have extended support and provided the much-needed assistance to these affected families.


~ President Betty Ong