Inner Wheel Club of Kuala Lumpur City Centre

18 September 2021


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The Inner Wheel Club of Kuala Lumpur City Centre brought a little joy into the life of a bright student from an underprivileged family. Tamil Selvi is a 3rd year student at the Polytechnic Mersing, Johor, pursuing a diploma in electrical and electronic engineering. Her mother, the sole bread winner, is a security guard and her father is an invalid due to an accident. She has two younger siblings who are in school. Her plight was highlighted by Jessy Jit.


President Martini Gimin presented a cheque of RM500 and Datin Pearl Jai Mohan made a personal contribution of RM100 to Tamil Selvi.


The family was very grateful for the contribution as the money would go towards her semester fees of RM200 and accommodation of RM360. Members of IWC KLCC were happy to have helped Tamil Selvi and hope that the donation will help her to focus on her studies and excel.


~ Jessy Jit (Club Correspondent)