Wheelchair donation


Inner Wheel Club of Klang

21 September 2021


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IWC of Klang was told of an elderly lady, Madam Letchimy, staying in Kapar, who was badly in need of a wheelchair and diapers. She lived alone and was dependent on the largesse of well-wishers but was not able to find anyone who could help her become more mobile with the aid of a wheelchair. In addition, she needed diapers as going to the toilet often was not possible for her.


Her plight touched the hearts of IWC of Klang members, who immediately contributed a wheelchair, diapers as well as a new toilet seat.  It is indeed so very sad to know of the geriatric community in this country who are facing all kinds of adversities during this COVID-19 pandemic.


IWC of Klang will stay alert and do its bit to try and ease the hardship of the needy whenever such help is needed.


~ Lalitha