Third General Meeting and DC Shamini Nair's virtual visit


Inner Wheel Club of Ipoh East

26 September 2021


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The third monthly meeting for the new term of 2021-2022 was extra special with the virtual presence of DC Shamini Nair and IPDC Shanti Menon. President Jaya started the meeting punctually at 3:00 pm. The Zoom host was International Editor/Media Manager, Cheng Yeok San.


The meeting started with a short welcome by President Jaya, followed by DC Shamini Nair’s address. She shared that she had completed two visits so far and Ipoh East was her third virtual visit. She thanked IWC IE for the gift; VP Sarala Nair had gone the extra mile to personally deliver the pink mandala canvas tote handbag with DC’s name printed on both sides. DC was delighted and told the members that she has already started using it.


Members then sat back for the digital introduction of all 27 members, including the Honorary member via a PowerPoint slideshow accompanied by the music of Ben E. King’s “Stand By Me”. The presentation was prepared by CC Sunitra with every member’s current and past positions held for the last 14 years in the Club being highlighted. IWC IE felt it was pertinent to showcase the members’ involvement in Inner Wheel, including how the Club has grown with each member contributing to its phenomenal success.


Before starting the Meeting proper, PP Prema recited the Candle of Friendship poem. The Meeting went on for about 45 minutes where completed projects, projects in progress and projects in the pipeline were presented by President Jaya. Before the session ended, friendly discussions ensued with the DC and IPDC answering all queries and addressing doubts, with PDC Datin Dr. Ramini as the facilitator. The Meeting came to a close at 5.08pm with the ever smiling face of DC Shamini Nair lighting up the virtual zoom screen.


~ Sunitra Sundaralingam