Webinar on "How to compost"


Inner Wheel Club of Bangsar

29 September 2021


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After several talks on health, legal rights and cybersecurity organised by various Clubs, the Inner Wheel Club of Bangsar decided to turn its attention to gardening enthusiasts by organising a webinar on How to Compost. Held on 29th September 2021, this unique webinar saw a total of 109 Club members, including family and friends, eagerly logging on to learn about the fundamentals of creating home-garden compost.


The facilitator, Mr. Harbir Gill, manages a company aptly known as Ground Control, to enable Malaysians to learn about the various intricacies involved in gardening, and in the process, to enjoy a healthier and invigorating green garden. He started the webinar by bringing a forest view on the screen and said everyone needs to mimic nature by learning the secrets of compost!


He effortlessly walked the participants through the importance and benefits of retaining kitchen and garden waste and not sending it to landfills. He shared invaluable knowledge on what can be used to make compost like carbon and nitrogen-based products and what should be avoided namely, cooked food, meat and dairy. Participants listened attentively and were truly enthralled to learn how compost is made and used. It is vital, said Mr. Harbir, that everyone makes compost as this would help reduce environmental pollution and the problem of mounting landfills.


Members took away very valuable lessons indeed from this webinar and IWC of Bangsar records a huge vote of thanks to Mr. Harbir.