Handicraft and Artwork on Stone


Inner Wheel Club of Butterworth

3 October 2021


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On Sunday, 3rd October 2021, the Inner Wheel Club of Butterworth (IWC BW) had a virtual fellowship with a demonstration on how to produce attractive handicraft by doing artwork on stones. The facilitator was Ms Zurina binti Kadir who was originally from Penang but is currently based in Melaka.


15 members participated in this event which was very interesting as the medium was rather unusual. Ms Zuriana who has much experience as she cultivated this talent which she inherited from her mother, from a young age. She revealed that she has also attended porcelain painting courses and seminars in Australia.


 She proceeded to show how to do paintings on stone and the outcome were many endearing images of cute cats and panda bears. The end products turned out beautifully and IWC BW members watched mesmerised by the technique and impressed at the results.


Ms Zurina also showed club members photographs of beautiful paintings done on handbags for sale in the Middle East. It was indeed a very fruitful and thrilling experience for the attendees as they picked up lots of useful information, tips and knowledge from Ms Zurina. Members of IWC BW enjoyed this fellowship thoroughly and are looking forward to more such virtual workshops.


~ R. Sharmni