PPB second food distribution


Inner Wheel Club of Melaka

14 October 2021


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On 14th October 2021, the Inner Wheel Club Of Melaka carried out a second food reach out to six needy families who were the successful recipients of the PPB Group Community Support Initiatives.


In August 2021, IWCM had applied to the PPB Foundation for financial assistance as the breadwinners of these families had lost their jobs due to the pandemic and were facing hardships in supporting their families.  PPB had initiated the first food package assistance on 4 September 2021 and in a joint effort with the Malaysian Red Crescent 4x4 Team,  IWCM  carried out the timely food assistance to the respective families.


On a happier note, a few of the recipients have since found new employment or resumed work as businesses began to reopen with the easing of the mobility control restrictions and Melaka has advanced to Phase 3 of the National Recovery Plan which allows dine-ins for the fully vaccinated.


The 6 recipients are most grateful to PPB Group Community Support for the subsequent distribution of the food packages which affords much assistance in covering their monthly essential needs.


IWCM is privileged to bring cheer and happiness to these families in alleviating their plights during challenging times.


~ President Betty Ong