Distribution of provisions to needy families


Inner Wheel Club of Kuala Lumpur North

16 October 2021


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Tienxi Fatt Xi is a Buddhist monk who has been relentlessly helping deserving families with provisions regardless of their race and religion, including foreigners who have lost their jobs. This assistance has helped so many, specifically during the COVID-19 pandemic when hardship has hit them with such severity.


The noble work of this monk, who shies away from publicity, came to the attention of President Diana Wong and the members of IWC of Kuala Lumpur North (IWC KLN), who decided to help by making a donation to help this monk to continue to buy provisions for 50 disadvantaged families in and around the area of Rawang, Selangor.


A total of MYR1,600.00 was donated and this helped the monk to purchase the much needed provisions of rice, sugar and cooking oil for the 50 needy families. The provisions were purchased, packed and distributed along with items from other donors to these families.


It was indeed heart-warming for IWC KLN to have done something to bring a little cheer to the families. Considering that the Festival of Lights is around the corner, this donation is timely and very much needed, given the rising cost of provisions these days.


IWC KLN thanks monk Tienxi Fatt Xi for his generosity and for helping the Club to purchase the necessary provisions. IWC KLN looks forward to more such charitable acts to bring relief and happiness to the adversely affected families.



~ Susan Wilfred