IWC Penang continues to help Lekshmi


Inner Wheel Club of Penang

18 September 2021


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Lekshmi is a young girl who captivated IWC of Penang members’ hearts ever since the Club came to her family’s aid during the floods of 2017.  Over the years, Lekshmi has developed confidence and has become more chatty; a far cry from the time she hid behind her grandmother’s skirt when Club members first set eyes on her. Lekshmi, who is now cared for by her grandmother, is someone very special to the Club and members have reached out to help her from time to time, and two such occasions were on 18 September and 23 October 2021:



Donation of Provisions for Lekshmi’s Family – 18 September 2021


On 18 Septdmber 2021, IWC of Penang contributed provisions to Lekshmi under the Club’s “Ongoing Pet Project”.  This contribution was made possible with the assistance of the Rotary Club of Penang‘s “Rotary Bliss Self”, where IWC of Penang chipped in RM2,000 towards this project. Because movement restrictions imposed due to the COVID-19 pandemic were still in force, the provisions were handed to Lekshmi and her grandmother at the carpark of the Rifle Range apartment where they live.



Donation of an iPad to facilitate online learning for Lekshmi – 23 October 2021


An iPad procured by Club member, PP Latha was presented to Lekshmi, which will come in handy with her online learning.   Since Deepavali was just around the corner, some of the Club members gave Lekshmi red packets as well. Following this, President Arvind treated everyone present to lunch at the Ananda Bhawan Restaurant.


~ Sally Koh