IWC Johor Bahru's October activities


Inner Wheel Club of Johor Bahru

31 October 2021


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Visit to Children’s Berkat Home – 14th October 2021


The Children’s Berkat Home has always been close to the heart of IWCJB. This Home takes care of children from disadvantaged families and on 14th October 2021, the Club donated two new laptops for the children’s online classes.


IWC JB was pleased to receive a beautiful thank you note from the children.



Project to help poor students of SRK Lok Yuk Tamalang, Kudat Sabah
 – 21st October 2021


Due to the pandemic, digital learning has become a norm. IWCJB decided to assist poor students whose parents have lost their jobs and are in desperate need for stationery and digital devices to facilitate online learning.


Member Nalin started a donation drive for hand phones and chargers, which saw many contributing to this worthy cause, including IWCJB members, friends, Extension Chairman Peggy Lee and many more.  A total of 10 new and three second-hand phones were handed over to Ms Sunita Christine Vincent of SRK Lok Yuk Kudat.



Yoga Session for IWCJB Members – 24th October 2021


Taking cognizance of the importance of staying healthy as emphasized by President Sumathi, a Yoga session was held for members of IWCJB on 24th October 2021.


Ms Sunny Pang, a Yoga instructor and a new member of IWCJB, conducted the class and members enjoyed the lively workout. Sunny was happy to contribute to the wellness of the members of IWCJB.



Contribution to the Food Bank – 24th October 2021


The Food Bank is a project under the purview of IWCJB from June 2021.  On 24th October 2021, Member Sham identified a family of six members in Masai and arranged for groceries to be sent to them. The family was very grateful to receive the much needed provisions.



A Special Talk by NR Ambika Menon – 24th October 2021


On 24th October 2021, IWCJB invited NR Ambika Menon to deliver a talk on the topic, ‘Inner Wheel and I’. In her talk, the NR emphasized several crucial points on what it means to be a member of Inner Wheel, including the triple objectives of promoting true friendship, giving personal service and fostering international understanding. She also spoke about the ‘buddy system’ through which she got to know more about the members of her own Club, and encouraged other Clubs to do the same.


NR Ambika then went on to touch on the social theme of ‘Strong Women Stronger World’, where the basic premise is women helping women. She suggested that all Clubs focus on the  6 I’s, i.e., Induct new members, Inform, Involve, Improve knowledge, Image of the club, and Innovate.


It is important, said the NR, that all activities are conducted in a fair and equitable manner and fellowship be nurtured and fostered among members. In this way, the Club can grow from strength to strength.


Members thanked NR Ambika for her inspirational delivery.



Meal Contribution to the Poor – 31st October 2021


IWCJB has an ongoing project since July 2021 to provide cooked meals for the homeless and families in dire need.  On 31st October 2021, after the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions were eased, the Club, working hand-in-hand with Pan Kobo Bakery and Fusion Catering, collected and distributed food to the homeless.


Member Marlene prepared a beautiful certificate of appreciation which was presented by President Sumathi and VP Natasha to the co-sponsors.



Visit to Ester Home – 31st October 2021


IWCJB visited the Ester Home on 31 October 2021 to give Deepavali treats to the children.  In addition, the Club donated two laptops on behalf of a donor from Australia.


The children were delighted and thankful for the gifts from IWCJB and their smiles and happiness were adequate reward indeed for IWCJB.


~ Devahi Palany