School bags for kindergarten children


Inner Wheel Club of Subang Selangor

14 June 2022


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A kind friend and supporter of IWCSS, Ms. Priscilla Yong designed pre-schoolers’ bags which were made in Singapore.  She donated these bags to be distributed to well-deserving children.


President Indira and ISO Rajani arranged to distribute these at Tabika Emas, Kampung Bukit Sg Puteh.  These delightful bags were filled with surprises for the 5-year-old children.  The Club wanted to distribute these as Raya Cheer, but due to the school holidays, it was delayed.


Indira and Rajani had great fun mingling with the cute little ones who were asked to guess what was in the bags. They all guessed it would be stationery items but when they saw the goodies the bags held, it was pure joy that flashed on each of their faces.  It certainly made the day to see the gleeful little ones who happily clapped on receiving them.


Cikgu Izah was very grateful of IWCSS’ gesture.  IWCSS sincerely extends its gratitude to Ms. Priscilla.


~ Shamala Dharan