Inner Wheel Club of Alor Setar

2 July 2022


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Inner Wheel Club of Alor Setar (IWC AS) held its 2022-2023 Installation Ceremony at a hotel in Alor Setar on 2 July 2022 at 5.30 pm over a sumptuous high-tea. After guests and members, including DEC Peggy Lee, were seated, Emcee  Padmini set the ball rolling by announcing that she must be the happiest person in the room for two reasons. First was that the Club was meeting physically after a two-year hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic; and second, IWC AS was the first Club to have its 2022-2023 installation, and therefore, the first, to officially use the beautiful logo for 2022-2023, i.e., WORK WONDERS, as proudly displayed on the eye-catching backdrop.


The programme for the evening was appropriately divided into two sessions, with the first comprising the playing of the national/state anthems, the lighting of the Candle of Friendship and its recitation, loyal toasts, speech by Outgoing President Pavitratha and recognition of her 2021 – 2022 team, installation of President Tunku Zamharir (TZ), President TZ’s maiden address and installation of her ExCo, and installation of two new members, culminating in the cutting of a cake.


During the second session, members and guests took part in the Best Dressed Contest with Solai taking home the first prize and A Getting to Know You/Treasure Hunt competition with IPP Pavitratha winning first prize.


The delicious array of food was certainly the icing on the cake and everyone agreed in unison that it was a very memorable and enjoyable evening. In fact, one guest was so enthralled by all that the Club had done and she immediately signed up as member with another guest promising to send her membership form soon.


As the curtains came down on an awesome evening, Organising Chairman Padmini breathed a sigh of relief that the days of preparation had gone down so well. The new ExCo looks forward to emulating the exemplary work put in by the 2021-2022 team, and is determined to ensure projects and activities carried out manifest the very meaning theme of WORK WONDERS, something that will augur well as the Club plays its part to develop STRONG WOMEN towards a STRONGER WORLD.


~ Shantha Pillai