A trip to remember!


Inner Wheel Club of Subang Selangor

3 July 2022


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A few members from IWCSS began the new term with a trip to Bagan Datuk on the 2nd of July to experience the much talked about ‘Sky Mirror’ phenomenon. Two long years of isolation and the motivation to gather and do something fun and exciting was on top of the agenda.


Members gathered at the break of dawn at Jayanthi Soma’s beautiful home in Glenmarie to begin this fun trip.


Sky Mirror is a photographer’s dream setting, a sandbank that appears in the Straits of Malacca when the tide is right and the blue sky is reflected in the water. The ‘professional’ boat people have mastered the art of taking stunning photos.  The photographs tell the story of the leaping abilities of the more enthusiastic ones in Subang club


The boat saga continued that night as the ladies set off in the dark to catch a glimpse of ‘blue tears’ or bioluminescent microorganisms that are part of the ecosystem in the waters in Bagan Datuk.


The following morning the ladies were off to see a beautiful sun flower farm but the plan to go on to Ipoh and see the Chinese cultural village did not materialize as the temple was closed. But not to be discouraged, the team set of to Teluk Intan and did some sightseeing followed by a sumptuous lunch at an Indian restaurant. After two elaborate Chinese meals, everyone was ready for some fiery curry on a banana leaf. This included the tour guide who discovered for the first time the fun of eating yoghurt.


The stop at Sekinchan both on the way up to Bagan Datuk and on the way back turned out to be a shopping spree. Although the paddy fields had been harvested and looked bare, none could resist buying varieties of rice from the mill.


Members returned to KL laden with rice, ikan bilis, dry fish, keropok, pisang tanduk, fresh corn and jumbus. IWC Subang ladies did what Malaysians do best. Shop for food! The fellowship and camaraderie among members was unmistakable and the shouts of ‘we shall do this again’ echoed when they bid goodbye.



~ Rajani Vidyasagar