Inner Wheel Club of Alor Setar

6 July 2022


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During IWC AS’  Installation Ceremony of the 2022 – 2023 ExCo on 2 July 2022, the Club took the opportunity to ‘pass the hat around’; members and guests were informed that the monies collected would be used to sponsor a meal for the customers of the THB Soup Kitchen in Alor Setar, in conjunction with the forthcoming Hari Raya Haji celebrations on 10 July 2022.


On 6 July 2022, Secretary Padmini and CC Shantha met up with the manager of the Soup Kitchen to hand over the monies together with a box of pre-loved clothes which was donated by a well-wisher of the Club.  The manager promised that she would prepare a special meal to celebrate the 10 July event and thanked the Club for its generosity.


This is the first service project of IWC AS, following closely on the heels of the very successful installation ceremony on 2 July. The Club took note that the Baling District in Kedah has been ravaged by flood waters and has put plans in place to make a trip there with much needed necessities.


What a meaningful harbinger project for IWC AS’ WORK WONDERS journey. It is indeed projects like this that make members aware that they are certainly living up to the noble ideals of IIW.


~ Shantha Pillai