Kick start 2022-23 with a series of bannerette exchanges


Inner Wheel Club of Kuala Lumpur North

17 July 2022


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July was a busy month for the Inner Wheel Club of Kuala Lumpur North that began the Inner Wheel year with much enthusiasm in the spirit of this year’s theme, “Work Wonders”. Undeterred by global pandemics and impediments to travel, the club fostered friendships and exchanged bannerettes virtually and physically.


On 5th July 2022, bannerettes were virtually “exchanged” with Sadhika Sharma International Service Organiser (ISO) from IWC Hoshiarpur, Punjab and with Pavithra RS, ISO from IWC Adambakkam.


Past President Megala also exchanged the club’s bannerette virtually with Shoba Rani ISO from IWC Bihar Sharif District 325 on 8th July 2022. On the very same day, she seized the opportunity to physically meet Arune Jayavel from IWC Salem Mayethri District 298, Tamil Nadu, who was in town for the popular MATRADE exhibition. They met at Kuala Lumpur’s famous tourist destination, the Batu Caves Temple where they also exchanged bannerettes.


Then, on the 17th July 2022, Megala continued her bannerrette exchange “tour”, this time meeting with P. Pushpakala ISO from IWC Vizianagaram virtually via zoom. It is hoped that these friendships would continue to flourish whilst new bridges are built still with other Inner Wheel sister clubs.


~ Komathy Rathnam