Club Correspondents' Training


District 330

20 July 2022


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While it is great to conduct social service projects and have fun fellowships under the umbrella of Inner Wheel, these would not garner as much interest or publicity unless they are properly compiled and posted on the District’s Website and Social Media Platforms. Club Correspondents (CCs) thus play a vital role in bringing these activities to light and recording them for posterity with their news reports.


District Editor (DE) Jillian Estrop and District Webmaster (DW) Lucy Barrock conducted virtual training sessions on two days i.e., 18th and 20th July 2022 for the club correspondents of District 330 who had the option of joining on either date. District Chairman Krishnaveni Mutthiah briefly joined the session on the first day and imparted a few words of wisdom to the CCs. National Representative of Districts 330 and 331 Parimala Satheesan also came on and gave some pointers to the lovely ladies.


The CCs were taken on a familiarisation tour of their duties and their tasks were explained to them in a friendly and cordial manner. The questions they posed were fielded with ease and some were duly put up for discussion with Past IIW Editor/Media Manager Cheng Yeok San in a separate meeting on 21st July.


The dedicated ladies have already started sending in their news reports and District 330’s website as well as its social media platforms of Facebook and Instagram are buzzing with news as installations get underway as is usual in the beginning of a new term. They are poised to put District 330 on the map with their news and eye-catching photos.


~ Lucy Barrock