Education project


Inner Wheel Club of Butterworth

26 July 2022


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The Inner Wheel Club of Butterworth delivered its first education project for the new Inner Wheel Year 2022-2023 on the 26th July 2022. The outgoing Headmistress, Maheswari Mahalingam who is IWC Butterworth’s Club Treasurer appealed to members to acquire two book shelves for the library of SJK(T) Ladang Juru.


Club members donated generously for the project of empowering through education, while President Datin Santhi Sundara, absorbed the cost of workmanship. Members organised the handover of the shelves on the 19th July 2022.


President Datin Santhi, Vice Prisident Shanti Shanmugam and Past President Lucy Barrock paid a visit to the school to view the book shelves on the 26th July 2022. Puan Maheswari expressed appreciation on behalf of SJK(T) Ladang Juru to all Club members of IWC Butterworth for the help rendered.


~ Sharmni Ramiah