3rd AGM of Inner Wheel Club of Butterworth


Inner Wheel Club of Butterworth

6 August 2022


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The Inner Wheel Club of Butterworth had its 3rd Annual General Meeting physically, on 6th August 2022 at the meeting room of Klinik Gigi Sentosa, Jalan Kulim, Bukit Mertajam. Fourteen members attended the meeting and all Inner Wheel Protocols were dutifully observed.


President Datin Santhi Sundara and the club’s Executive Committee presented all reports compiled to everyone’s satisfaction. All the new office bearers for the new term were unanimously affirmed. A few proposals to add the club constitution ware also passed.


The new Theme “Work Wonders” was incorporated and invoked throughout for the club’s forthcoming projects. It was a successful and memorable event for the club which went on seamlessly.


President Datin Santhi thanked all attendees and the meeting was later adjourned for fellowship over hot masala tea and snacks organised by Vice President Shanthi Shanmugam. There was much joyous laughter as the ladies exchanged jokes and shared experiences after which everyone helped clear up before going back home to family time over the weekend.


~ R Sharmni